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Nov 5, 2018

We answer questions from listeners on our newsletter.

The following 11 questions are answered in the episode:

1) How can I change careers and become a real estate copywriter?

2) Will biotech become a big industry? Does Free Will exist?

3) Should you work in finance? How can I study better? How does one become a renaissance man?

4) What 3 top things would you recommend for business and career for a college freshman?

5) How do you develop an international career? What is the best job for an international career?

6) How do I start a commonplace in Evernote?

7) How much do you attribute luck to your finance career, Mikael?

8) What path would you take if you were 18 again?  

9) What is the best way to get 10.000 euro from you?

10) People say gold has intrinsic value. Why?

11) How do you set your goals? Do you tell others? Or do you have systems and processes?

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