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Jul 29, 2018

We describe and discuss a useful metacognition tool: The Myers Briggs Test which is based on Carl Jung’s ideas about 4 Functions.

Jung’s functions are based on Input and Output, Information and Decision. How do you gather intel and how do you make your decisions. Fact-based and reasoning, e.g., or intuition and feeling?

Use the tests for inspiration on beginning your introspective journey. Use the tests for realizing what others might see in you. Use the tests for checking if what you are thinking is the same thing as others are seeing in you.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this episode:
The biggest takeaway is to know the 4 functions and start thinking about them. The 4 functions are:

Sensing / Intuition | Are you organizing info (making sense of something), or are you
"distant", somewhere else, daydreaming, dwelling in the subconscious?
Introversion/ Extraversion | Do you want to be alone or with friends now?
Thinking / Feeling | Are you questioning why things are this and that way, analyzing
what it can lead to -- or is your mind quiet, you're in the moment, kind of grounded?
Perceiving / Judging | Are you open-minded and ready to see something new, or are you close-minded and just want to affirm/strengthen what you know?


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