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Oct 29, 2018

Grandmaster of Memory Mattias Ribbing joins us today. He is an author, educator, and 3-time Swedish champion of memory sport. He’s also become a Grandmaster of Memory internationally. Mattias sits down for a conversation about mnemonics, biohacking, self-improvement, minimalism, and his thoughts on improving the...

Oct 21, 2018

How To Avoid Herd Mentality.

Stephenie Meyers broke all the rules and created a $3 Billion Dollar franchise (just with movies), sold 120 million books, and in the process, created a new genre: “Vampire-Romance”. So don’t underestimate her powers.

We talk about how to get started diverging from the crowd. Before...

Oct 15, 2018

There are 4 modes of being: Herd Animal, Stoic, Independent, and Contrarian.

You can look at it visually like this:

Herd Animal------------------------Stoic------Independent------------------Contrarian

Herd Animal = Go with the crowd, fit in, be nice, and stampede in collective panic.

Stoic = Self-centered and serene,...

Oct 8, 2018

Erik Townsend is a retired software entrepreneur turned hedge fund manager and host of Macrovoices Podcast. Throughout his career, Erik has capitalized on his ability to understand complex systems and anticipate paradigm shifts far in advance of the mainstream. A teenage computer protégé, he spent most of his high...

Oct 1, 2018

In this second episode with Walter Kiechel, we continue where we left off last time in our discussion about Strategy, and Walter’s popular book “The Lords of Strategy”.

In case you didn’t listen to the last episode, Walter has over 30 years of experience in the media industry and among other things --- he's...